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Tom and I have worked with a diverse grouping of athletes this year: powerlifters, bodybuilders, strongmen, arm wrestlers, ninja warriors, rock climbers, gymnasts, calisthenic bar athletes, tricksters, martial artists, circus athletes, professional dodgeball players, sprinters, and grip athletes to name most of them. Out of all these groups of physical culture, we’ve chosen to start a grip company. So why grip?


Love of grip training itself was an essential factor in encouraging us to start Grip Genie, but that wasn’t enough. Yeah, our most viral YouTube videos were grip training videos, so that was a clue to us that there was a need for our style and personalities in promoting grip training, but that wasn’t why we started Grip Genie. We started Grip Genie because we are community builders! We’re the type of people to answer YouTube comments, hand write thank you notes in parcels, and recognize our biggest supporters. We’re here to connect people. We started Grip Genie because we see grip for having tremendous unifying potential across the many communities of physical culture:

  • Powerlifters? If you can’t grip it, you can’t lift it.
  • Bodybuilders? If their forearms are big enough, they don’t have to wear tank tops to look like they lift.
  • Strongman? No sport requires more absolute grip strength than strongman!
  • Arm wrestling? It’s a sport where wrist and hand control are king.
  • Ninja warriors and rock climbers? The obstacles that separate champions from chumps boil down to grip strength.
  • Martial artists, gymnasts, calisthenic bar athletes? On and on!

On and on the connecting element between them is grip! Grip strength is the broadest benchmark of relatability between sports that would have nothing else in common. It’s our gateway to commonality and connection beyond awkward small talk. Not to mention grip strength is one of the most functional forms of strength in daily life! You can relate to the value of grip even if you’re not an athlete, and that’s the point! We’re building a community and company that unifies PEOPLE as a whole, not just athletes!


Beyond the community we can build together through grip training, is also the promise of something we can treasure into our elderly years. When we lose our speed, and strength and vitality wash away from our other physical faculties, and we lose our overall aesthetic, then grip strength, and the layers of use in your hands can still tell your story and make everyday a little better. So there is a lot more to Grip Genie than grip tools! We’re here to start conversations, bridge gaps and discover grip hacks together.

Thank you for all your support,

Tom Boyden & Jon Call (aka Jujimufu)

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