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They're Finally Here. Grip Genie Rings.

The ultimate home gym upper body tool.

Rings may be the most versatile tool in all of fitness:

  • Build Strength
  • Improve Core Stability
  • Shoulder, wrist and overall arm flexibility
  • Skill-based, progressive training

Juji & Tom use Grip Genie Rings for bodybuilding, gymnastics skills, and conditioning for every type of crazy athletic thing they get into.

Whether you're losing weight, looking to gain some new skills, or an athlete (rock climbing, powerlifting, bodybuilding, crossfit, LITERALLY EVERY SPORT) that needs a holistic training tool; Grip Genie Rings are the ultimate tool that you NEED to take your training to the next level!


Hang your rings on a pull-up bar, a swing-set or a very solid tree with branches parallel to the ground! Make sure that you hang the rings on a STABLE & SOLID spot before you go upside down!


  • Ultra-Quality Wooden Rings with Grip Genie Engraving | 1.1" diameter or 28mm
  • 98 inches | 2.5m Heavy Duty Nylon Straps with notches & numbers to mark height for different excercises
  • 2x Genie Carabiners (rated to  5060lbs of force)

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Best rings out there!

Received my rings in the mail today and am stoked with the quality! The rings have a nice, smooth finish, as well as the straps and carabiners being real sturdy. Although I was a little baffled on how to set them up initially, the youtube vid put that to bed quickly in classic Tom style haha. Afterwards, I found the way the rings are set up is really effective and efficient, giving you plenty of length for hanging high or low with lots of versatility. Thanks guys and would definitely recommend!

Troy S.
New Zealand New Zealand
Grip Genie

I'm so glad you love them! Thanks for the support! -Erin



Best quality of rings you can get! Totally worth the wait and money. Coming from a rock climbing background the carabiners and straps are top quality and the wood feels great in your hand. Amazing product!!

Tyler A.
United States United States

Grip Genie Rings!

Fantastic! Honestly. I just unpacked them, and I'm very satisfied with the quality and finish of the materials. The rings are very nice to grip, a fine tool indeed, and I'm sure I'll find myself gravitating to these over my plastic rings! I like the idea of having numbered straps, should make exercise setup much easier, and will certainly help people "see the gains". Next exercise is back squats (don't skip leg day) but after that, RINGS!

Richard W.
United States United States

10/10 Rings. I will buy from Grip Genie again!(I'm glad I didn't go with Amazon...)

This is my second time ordering from Juji & Tom. Great customer Service from Erin. Very pleased both times. I just got my rings today. Shipped fast, good condition. Ordered them on pre-order because boys gotta support boys. I debated on ordering off of Amazon because of the price difference, but now, having gotten a chance to use these rings, I can say these are likely the best on the market quality wise, and WELL WORTH the cost. I've used many other rings before, owned by friends in rock climbing circles, and these DESTROY those in quality, and customizability! The rings themselves are smooth and a good diameter(at least for my hands(5' 11" - 170 lbs). The nylon straps are super sturdy. The numbered segments have a VERY strong stitching and will likely hold for a long time. The numbering and segmentation of the straps are what make these a clear winner. No more messing around with trial and error, having 1 strap slightly longer than the other. Just slip the strap through itself around whatever you're hanging on. Pass the strap through the ring, then lock the length with the carabiner. 10/10 Rings. I will buy from Grip Genie again! *kicks flamingo*

United States United States
Grip Genie

Thanks for the awesome feedback!-Erin


You Can't F up rings. Going to be a good purchase.

Time to get healthy. couldn't be more excited. Haven't gotten them yet but I know it's already a 5-star purchase because how can you F up rings? This + Dollar a Day CBD = the perfect combination for unlimited workouts.

Josh B.
Canada Canada