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Genie Gripper Level 1-3 Novice/Beginner Grip Strength Set (Save $, buy all 3!)

Looking to be a better athlete?

Aiming for the next personal record on a deadlift, clean & jerk, or farmer's carry?

Maybe you just want healthier hands and fingers?

Genie Gripper Easy Set is the Starter Set you've always needed for Grip Strength Success

This set is ideal if you don't know where your grip strength stands. The Genie Gripper  Level 3 is a tough gripper for even experienced athletes & Genie Gripper Level 1 & 2 are ideal training tools to reach your highest level of grip strength.


  • Genie Gripper Level 1 | 100lbs Strength | 45 kg
  • Genie Gripper Level 2 | 150lbs Strength | 68kg
  • Genie Gripper Level 3 | 200lbs Strength | 91kg

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Honestly I just came upon this randomly. Figured I'd give it a try. I'm not so much a gym junkie but rather a firearm nut. So I wanted to improve grip strength. I tested all of them because I didn't know which one was what. I closed all of them and figured it out... then saw the numbers on the bottom of the grip handles. Not the brightest man. But I digress, the green and blue weren't great to start with so I went the silver. After the first day I couldn't sleep. It felt like my hands were runover and then backed over. Then the next day or 2 I was closing them like there was nothing in my hand at all. I thought this cheap junk, I couldn't have improved in such short time they obviously lost tension. They also are doing this weird squeaky noise, the coils are starting to rub. So I handed them off to someone else and they couldn't close them. So maybe they're not entirely useless. I am going to do high reps with the silvers and then move onto greens. But honestly it took like 3 or 4 days and I already see alot of vascularity on the insides of both of my wrists. So if you're a depressed edgy kid probably don't buy these, makes the job too easy. I can also see a vein going down the middle of each forearm. Which I couldn't see prior. It's not really popping out per say but it's alot more visible. As in I can actually see it through my skin now. I am decently strong but I am lazy, so I don't work out like I should. So don't expect to be noodly and have the same result. But this does work. I also do holds for a minute or 2. Those really start to get to you. Will definitely buy more once I close the blues with ease.

Jesse .
United States United States
Exactly as expected

Thank you guys for the fast delivery of my Grippers. I ordered the easy kit. So GG1, GG2 and GG3. I'm glad I went with the three and not just a single. Having the first 3 in the range is exactly what I would suggest for anyone that is, like me getting back into strength training after more than a decade away. I'm more than pleased with the product so far. Shipping was very fast even though the site had a delay warning on international shipping. I'm a 40 year old male with average to slightly above average sized hands. I war large gloves off the rack. I find the GG2 to be a good test for me. I can almost close GG3 today. Day 1. I'll update in a couple months as I'm sure I'll be ordering the next set. The colours are nice and the etching on the bottoms of the grips looks great as well. Happy first time buyer. Great product. -Dale

Dale G.
Canada Canada

Shipped and arrived as expected. Higher quality than expected. Excuse me while I order more.

Outstanding quality

Quality is top notch. Love the build and feel.

Caleb H.
United States United States
Awesome Grips - fun to watch friends try

Love handing these off to friends and seeing if they can close them. Makes it fun to watch them struggle and accuse you of cheating somehow.

Daniel K.
United States United States