Genie Gripper Level 1

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Level 1 Genie Gripper

"Silver Wish"

This is your introduction to the grip strength world, get ready for a wild ride.

Never let your grip fail on a deadlift.

Impress that companion of yours with a twist of the pickle jar.

Live to be 195 years young*

  • Hardcore aluminium
  • Long-lasting Genie springs
  • Massive sex appeal
  • Average <100lbs Strength | 45 kg
  • Approximate Equivalent to CoC trainer

*grip strength will not grant you immortality

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A MUST for Grip Amateurs

When looking at my grip strength, I'd compare myself to someone in the realm of prepubescence. Infantile even.. Squaring up with my three-year old son arm-wrestling, I felt meek in comparison, albeit I granted him favor by naming him Odin. Not only has this tool allowed me to slam that fool down with ease, but many other factors have improved as well. My keyboards at work now fear my ever keystroke and my computer mouse begs for freedom from my newly-acquired grip prowess. My coworkers also fear me and my unwarranted rage that they fear will be unleashed as I squeeze this mother like a stress ball routinely every day. On a serious note, I do use this routinely as a therapy tool now for carpal tunnel like symptoms and pain when I'm at the desk and it has improved my grip. What more can you ask for. The action is smooth, the knurling is smooth enough for proper grip but rough enough to know you've got something fighting you back (and failing... weak ass steel). Get one. Get two, even. Feel the grip flow through you, young grip apprentices. Enjoy!

United States United States

love love love

best grippers i have ever used. high quality and super great to grip and hold.

William P.
United States United States

Excellent introduction to grip strength

Extremely well built product! I look forward to being the pickle jar opening champ after mastering the GG1!

United States United States

Just amazing

Feels great in your hand, and is made of quality material, I can't quite close it yet but I can already feel my grip getting stronger

Isaac W.
United States United States

Grip it and Rip it!

I came back to the Grip Genie site because I'm ready to level up to a GG2 after a month with my GG1. I noticed there weren't any reviews for the GG1 so I thought I'd do one. Overall, I love it. It was kinda difficult at first but once I figured out the proper positioning and form It became a real pleasure to use. I was surprised by how well made this gripper is. It seems solid and put together very well. No manufacturing flaws or rattling parts at all. It looks as good as it feels and it feels pretty awesome. The spring is smooth, the knurling is good and aggressive and there's a satisfying click when the handles touch. It really is a fine piece of equipment for 23 bucks. It shipped well packaged with a cool GG sticker and a nice photo of the GG team. Easy 5 stars.

Rachid R.
United States United States