Genie Gripper Level 3

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 Level 3 Genie Gripper

"Blue Square"

You ever rented skis, gone down the easy hill and said to yourself, "I could go harder."

We rented a Green Genie Gripper once and said the same thing, that's why we made the GG3 your perfect intermediate gripper. Put this in your hand and close it. Now.

  • Hardcore aluminium
  • Long-lasting Genie Springs
  • Massive sex appeal
  • Average 200lbs Strength | 91kg
  • Approximate Equivalent CoC 1.5

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Harder than it looks

I bought this intermediate gripper thinking it would be a nice gripper to work on my endurance and boy was I wrong, I can barely squeeze out 1 rep with this thing! Nice product overall.

Norway Norway
Started here now im in love

Wasn't sure what level I should start at, but found level 3 to be beyond perfect in terms of where I am in my grip strength and for building up to the next level of grip genie. The best hand grip tool on the market, there really is no way to complain.

Christian C.
United States United States

Very high quality gripper, makes you an above average person

george .
United States United States

Fuckin' gr8. Sick product. Everything I had hoped for and more. Will buy the GG4 next

Canada Canada
Long time first time

I've been a long time fan of Juji (and Tom) and this is my first purchase from Grip Genie. I was a fortunate winner of Grip Genie's contest a few months ago on IG. The GG2 was a great start for me and I have graduated to the GG3. I enjoy the heck out of these devices using them at home and at the office throughout the day. I don't have any hard data on this, but I have been able to up my non-strap deadlift amounts this year and I give the credit to Grip Genie. Thanks guys for a fun and functional tool!

Travis G.
United States United States