Resin Snowman
Resin Snowman
Resin Snowman
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Resin Snowman

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The weather outside is frightful but this snowman is really delightful!

Get into the winter spirit by upping your grip game with our new resin snowman. This guy will train similarly to a ball hold but the texture and tiered structure of the body makes it a great beginner or warm up for the main event. Don't limit yourself to using this guy on a loading pin, the snowman is killer on a cable stack and makes a unique tool to hang for doing pullups! 

  • Matte finish resin with a ribbed textured finish 
  • Super secure eye bolt
  • Load tested to 400lb of static weight
  • Total weight is just over 1 pound (0.45 kg)
  • Each snowman is handcrafted one at a time, there will be minor variation between each

Need a carabiner for your snowman? CLICK HERE to snag one!

*I really loath the fact that I need to put this disclaimer on but; ffs YA BIG FREAKS, this is a grip tool-FOR YOUR HANDS, meant only for that purpose DO NOT insert it into an orifice of any kind.*