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Simpy put, if you want to grow your forearms then you'll need to get yourself the Grip Genie Forearm Grower. Roll your wrists and forearms to the moon and back and you may have forearms as big as Paul Bunyan or frickin' Atlas, did Atlas have big ass forearms?

  • Includes Carabiner & Paracord strap
  • High quality, durable steel

*We recommend using the forearm grower with no more than 15 pounds of weight attached (Juji usually only uses 10 pounds) 

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Better than I expected!

This is a quality, very hard, steel form grower... It’s the kind of quality that will last you a life time! Do yourself, your family, your children and your children’s children a favor and buy this and it will quickly become a family heirloom that will last generations! I love this thing!

Brett C.
United States United States
This thing is awesome!

I had a cheap forearm grower it was a version of this from Target. it was cheap and chewed up my hands, I purchased this like 6 months ago, it still looks brand new and I use it all the time! I might buy the stainless steel version because I like it so much!!

United States United States
Better than expected

This is by far the best tool of it's kind that I've seen. The diameter and weight is perfect for improving grip and adding difficulty. My only suggestion and dislike is that the knurling is pretty intense for something that's spinning in your palm. If you coat the kurl in chalk, the rubbing goes away and it becomes extremely comfortable. It's surprising that the chalk doesn't seem to rub off on my hand for some reason.

United States United States
Heavy Duty for Heavy duty workouts

Excellent product. Juji is a big dude and makes the forearm grower seem a little small but once you unpack this beast you realize it's a big piece of equipment, In a good way. Wide barrel grip means your going to work hard as you have a rotating almost pinch grip going on from start to finish of a roll up (again, a good thing). Loaded my wifes 18lb kettlebell and already feel like curling 80lb bags of concrete with a pinch grip while staring down bears.

Jon H.
United States United States
Insanely good!

I bought these about a month ago and I’ve literally gone from 16” around the forearm to 21.5!!! It can also be used for a handful of other workouts - i.e. preacher curls, wrist rotations, etc. It provides a great portable workout and is a great investment for the price! Can I give 11/10?

David T.
United States United States