Frequently Asked Grip Questions

What do the Gripper Numbers Mean?

Our Grippers are numbered GG1-6 to show the difficulty levels ascending from level 1 as the easiest and level 6 as the hardest.

GG1 is Silver. GG2 is Green. GG3 is Blue. GG4 is Black. GG5 is Red. GG6 is Gold.

What are the poundages/kg close weights associated with each gripper?

  • Genie Gripper Level 1 | <100lbs Strength | 45 kg
  • Genie Gripper Level 2 |   150lbs Strength | 68kg
  • Genie Gripper Level 3 |   200lbs Strength | 91kg
  • Genie Gripper Level 4 |   250lbs Strength | 114kg
  • Genie Gripper Level 5 |   300lbs Strength | 136kg
  • Genie Gripper Level 6 |   350lbs Strength | 159kg

The levels placed by all grip strength companies directly correlate to the spring by itself, without a handle attached and they do not cross over among companies. If you'd like to test your grippers actual closing poundage, Cannon Powerworks will professionally rate any gripper and send it back quickly!

What is the relative difficulty Captains of Crush & why are the levels different?

  • GG1 =/= CoC trainer/0.5
  • GG2 =/= CoC 0.5/1
  • GG3 =/= CoC 1/1.5
  • GG4 =/= CoC 2/2.5
  • GG5 =/= CoC 2.5-3
  • GG6 =/= CoC 3.5


Why is your x poundage gripper stronger or weaker than this other gripper with the same poundage or closing strength?

Every gripper is unique and the poundage/kg closing strength is estimated. Most poundage ratings are the median in a range. There is no way to accurately gauge the exact closing poundage on a gripper aside from having it rated.

How do I select a Genie Gripper Strength?

Our easy set is excellent for anyone starting off with grip strength, those who have some experience in any form of fitness or even a seasoned lifter who is looking to improve their grip! The GG1 & 2 are great training grippers and the GG3 is a challenge to even an experienced lifter.

Have you trained with grippers before? Have over a 400lb/181kg overhand (no hook) deadlift? Unreasonably large hands and a grandfather with a solid steel handshake? Then go for the Medium set! The Medium set includes the GG2, GG3, and GG4 grippers. GG2 & 3 are great training grippers to work up to expert level grip strength status. The GG4 in this set will humble most people, it is still a challenge for Jujimufu!

Think you’re stronger still?

Juji can close a GG5 on a good day and only a small handful of people (superhumans?) have closed the GG6 yet, but they are great grippers to work towards. Get the GG4, GG5, and the GG6 in the expert set.

Check out some of Jujimufu's Youtube grip strength videos to see other people trying the grippers! Here's Stefi Cohen & Other Powerlifters 

& Martins Licis, the 2nd Strongest Man in the World trying them!

And if you’re the sharing type, want to level up your grip with your friends, and impress guests at a party, then the full set is the only choice.

If you order a gripper that doesn't work for you, please email us at gripsupport@gripgenie.com and we'd be happy to start a return.

How many Genie Grippers do I need to train my grip strength effectively?

Having three grippers to work with is ideal:

  • a goal gripper that you are close to closing but cannot and two grippers below that level. This allows you to have a gripper to warm up with
  • a gripper to train with
  • and a gripper to challenge yourself with

We sell sets of grippers to help you out! We have easy, medium, and expert sets, they will all contain a goal & training gripper.

How do I train Genie Grippers?

Please watch this short video for how to start training with Genie Grippers!

Some grippers state they are left turn or right turn, what does that mean?

This is the rotation of the spring. Genie Grippers are all right turn grippers, usable on either hand, some believe that left turn may be used for left hand or right turn for right hand, but we haven't seen a noticeable difference in difficulty. (Jujimufu Approved ™)

Where is my order?

When you have shipped domestically, USPS has tracking services that have been emailed to you.

When you have shipped internationally and the package has left the United States, we are not able to help you track it. If your package has not reached you yet, please contact your local postal agency or office and they will be able to help you out!

Do we ship internationally?

We ship worldwide. We are shipping from the U.S. and we are a small business, all shipping times are estimated but we generally ship orders within 1-3 business days.

Your best option is to ship via DHL, we receive reduced rates as a business and it is VERY FAST (2-3 days worldwide) & incredibly reliable.

If you'd like a more affordable option, USPS ships worldwide, but shipping times cannot be guaranteed. Shipping through USPS around the world has an estimated shipping time ranging from (10-90 days).


My favorite grip tool is out of stock, when will it be back in stock?!

There is a nice looking button under the out of stock item that will send an alert when it's in stock!

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What weight plates can I use with the Genie Loading Pin?

Our stainless steel loading pins will fit any olympic style plates ranging in hole diameter from 49.5mm to 51mm. In the future we will have a loading pin that fits the smaller holed plates, our current loading pins DO NOT fit the smaller holed plates.


What is the best tool for finger strength?

Finger strength is often classed as pinching strength in grip strength activities.

The ideal pinch strength building Genie Grip Tools are:

Genie Hub

Genie Block

Which Genie Grip Tool will help increase my deadlift?

Grip Strength is very important in increasing your deadlift, there are a few tools that help with deadlift strength.

Rolling Grip Thing is a grip tool used with the Genie Loading Pin, it simulates a fatter bar & the rolling bearings increase the difficulty. When you pick up a barbell after picking up the RGT, it will feel EASY!

Genie Grips can be taken in your gym bag and used on many standard barbells, dumbbells and EZ curl bars! The fat Genie Grips will allow you to transition to a narrower bar with ease.


Why has my liquid chalk dried out?

Liquid Chalk contains alcohol mixed with 100% magnesium carbonate, aka chalk, when opened the alcohol begins to evaporate. It is best to keep the lid shut tightly and close it immediately.

To rejuvenate liquid chalk, you can add a few drops of isopropyl alcohol at a time until it reaches the desired consistency.

Which chalk product do I choose?

Our chalk product is in between a fine rock climbing chalk & a chalk you’d find at a strength-focused gym.

If you’re training in a facility that doesn’t allow chalk, get one of our liquid chalk products for discretion. 

If you want to minimize the mess you make and/or prefer non-liquid chalk, our chalk ball product is the least messy of our dry chalk products.

Our dry chalk bag product is the best all-around choice for those who aren’t restricted by how much they can use. The best bang for your buck is our boxes of block chalk.


If the FAQ doesn't answer your inquiry please email us at gripsupport@gripgenie.com