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This Intermediate Set is for strength athletes of all kinds to build up to an expert level of grip strength.

Improve your deadlift.

Increase hand & grip strength considerably.

Your hand & grip strength will never be the limiting factor with the Genie Grippers in your hands.

You chose the medium grip difficulty and it's a good choice. Build up from the level 2 all the way to the near-expert level of the Black Genie Gripper 4.

This set is ideal for those experienced in grip strength and looking to move to the next level!


  • Genie Gripper Level 2 | 150lbs Strength | 68 kg
  • Genie Gripper Level 3 | 200lbs Strength | 91kg
  • Genie Gripper Level 4 | 250lbs Strength | 114kg

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great build quality these are gonna last me years

gonna build them forearms like juji

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Genie Grippers

These Genie Grippers have an excellent quality and feel. The medium set is the perfect level of warm-up and challenge at the moment. Keep up the Great work GripGenie team!!

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Awesome Grippers

These Genie Grippers have absolutely excellent quality and feel. The medium set is the perfect level of warm up and challenge for me at the moment. Keep up the great work guys!

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No joke!

So, I’m getting into the world of gripping. Nothing new to me I’m a pipe welder that cuts 5/32 welding rod with journeyman pliers with one hand on a daily basis (most construction workers have to use 2 hands) so I open this bag and go directly for the black because I’m feeling pretty good. Give it a squeeze and can only get it like 3/4 closed. Go to the blue, and after some adjustments get it a few times each hand, and the green is something I can do sets of 10 with. So longe story short I love this product, very well made, and would love to be strong enough to buy the 5 and 6!

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Awesome Product

I recently purchased the medium grip set and they arrived very quickly and the personalized card from the team was an awesome addition. As soon as I opened the package I could tell I bought a quality product. The colors were bright and there wasn’t a single scratch on them. The grips have a great feel to them and fit nicely in my hands. . . I’m a guy that works out regularly but I’ve never really trained for grip. I’ll be honest they’re tougher to close than what I imagined. I can do the #2 and almost get the #3 and as of right now I stand no chance closing the # 4 hahaha. I like to consider myself stronger than the average guy but these were difficult, which I like. I like a challenge and something to improve myself with. If you are new to grip, I’d suggest the easy level. . . But like I said, these are great products that were made by an amazing group of people. I’ll definitely be buying more from Grip Genie. Keep up the amazing work. . . Juji and Tom have some of the content on YouTube too. . .