Genie Gripper Medium Set

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This Intermediate Set is for strength athletes of all kinds to build up to an expert level of grip strength.

Improve your deadlift.

Increase hand & grip strength considerably.

Your hand & grip strength will never be the limiting factor with the Genie Grippers in your hands.

You chose the medium grip difficulty and it's a good choice. Build up from the level 2 all the way to the near-expert level of the Black Genie Gripper 4.

This set is ideal for those experienced in grip strength and looking to move to the next level!


  • Genie Gripper Level 2 | 150lbs Strength | 68 kg
  • Genie Gripper Level 3 | 200lbs Strength | 91kg
  • Genie Gripper Level 4 | 250lbs Strength | 114kg