No Gear Grip Program - How to Trainn Grip Strength With No Equipment

How to Train Grip Strength With No Special Equipment

It is 100% possible to get in some grip work without specialized equipment. Even if it’s not GG gear, we want everyone to get in some grip gains. Common gym items like pull up bars, dumbbells, and even towels are all fair game. Especially for newcomers, it’s pretty easy to use what’s already available. At Grip Genie, we’re of the mind that it’s much simpler to add grip to what you’re already doing. If you need a simple no extra gear workout plan, we've got you.

The Simple Grip Program




Tennis Ball Crush



Plate Pinch


up to 1 minute

Bar Dead Hang


up to 1 minute

Check out this program for a simple add-on that you can do up to twice a week. All of these exercises are meant to be superset after a main lift. So in order: Main lift > Grip lift > Rest > Repeat. Rest as long as you normally would for your sets but 3 min at a minimum.

No Gear Grip Program in Detail 

For the tennis ball crush you can use any ball your gym happens to have. Save the harder ones like a baseball for later. Tennis or lacrosse balls are a good choice. The only balls that won’t work are super soft varieties like sand massage balls. Place the ball deep into your hand near the top of the palm. Now  crush the ball focusing on squeezing your fingers into your palm. Squeeze as fast and fully as possible. Completely reset between reps

For the plate pinch you can use metal plates but bumpers are best for the extra width. Simply pinch your fingers and thumb over the top of a plate. Make sure to do both hands. Start with a 25lb bumper and work your way up. Getting to a 45lb bumper for a minute is pretty strong.

On the bar dead hang, use an overhand pull-up grip, and simply hang from a bar. Focus on squeezing the hands here. The point is not to engage the lats and scaps. A neutral grip can help if it’s easier on the shoulders but we wouldn’t use an underhand chin up grip for this exercise. If you absolutely can’t hang at all on the bar, use a band under your foot to get started.

Building Grip is for Everyone

This program hits all the major grip types while staying accessible. Almost every gym should have these things available. You may already items that can work at home. Crushing something, pinching something, and hanging from something sturdy can be done almost anywhere, anytime. Whenever you do decide to dip your toes into the world of grip, Grip Genie is here for you. Now get to squeezing stuff!

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