What Grip Strength is Good?

What Grip Strength is Good?

What exactly defines “good” grip strength? Well it depends on what exactly you’re measuring. For us at least, good grip strength is demonstrating a good level lift with at least one implement. It really does depend on the piece of equipment used though. Let’s check out some quick comparisons between grip tools below.

The Humble Hand Gripper

Hand grippers are an easy way to measure crushing strength between people. Can you touch the handles or not? We’ll go by Grip Genie grippers with poundage for reference.

  • Good: GG4 - 250lbs | 114kg
  • Great: GG5 - 300lbs | 136kg
  • Elite: GG6 - 350lbs | 159kg

We recently has one person close the mighty GG7. If you can close one those you would be world class!

What Pinch Block Weight is Good?

The pinch block is a 3”x4” piece of square metal used for pin lifts primarily. The pinch block challenges the fingers and thumb especially hard.

  • Good: 50lbs | 23kg
  • Great: 70lbs | 32kg
  • Elite: 90lb | 41kg +

What Rolling Handle Grip is Good?

The RGT is a fat handled spinning grip. The solid steel frame and smooth handle makes it pretty different as far as grip tools go. So what is a good weight on the RGT?

  • Good: 110lb | 50kg
  • Great: 150lb | 68kg
  • Elite: 180lb | 82kg +

Good Grip Strength is Relative

This is just a sampler of good grip lifts. There are even more feats of grip that are mighty impressive such as phone book tearing, inch dumbbell lifts, thick bar hangs for time, and arm wrestling strap lifts. Use the above to get a reference of particular lifts. And hey as we go a long, we’ll be collecting and featuring all kinds of great lifts and beyond. Keep gripping!

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