What do I need to Start Grip Training?

What Do I Need to Start Training Grip?

If you want to start training grip it doesn’t take too much equipment. Especially if you want to focus on just one area for now. Grip breaks into 3 types: crush, pinch, and support. What gear you choose to use will depend on what areas you want to hit or if you want to specialize more for a sport. While it’s good to specialize, we always encourage a well-rounded grip training program.

With that in mind, let’s get down to the grip tools and useful stuff. If you have no budget for grip tools, no sweat. We created the no gear grip program for that case that lets you get on the grip journey with what you have.

One Grip Tool to Rule Them All

If you’re only looking for one tool, we highly suggest grippers. They primarily train crushing grip. While they’re not the MOST effective tool for specific carryover they are small, portable, and durable. You can train them in your office, in your gym, on the train, or wherever you have a spare moment.

The most popular way to train grippers of course is the maximum close. What’s the highest level gripper you can close all the way down? This is a super fun way to train but grippers have alternative uses as well. Try closing them reverse style, try holding them closed for time, try moving in various positions and then closing them. The multitude of uses means you keep your training fresh and varied.

Equipment for Training Grip

Now for more traditional grip training you’re going to want a hub and a block. These two pinch tools will challenge you to pick up weights typically less than 100lbs. Especially if you already have grippers, this is a great pick. You’re covered on crush and pinch, while thick bar training can cover you for support grip.

The pinch block and hub will greatly challenge the flexor muscles and muscles of the hand. Training with a regular barbell simply does not cover this kind of grip. When attached to a loading pin, it also gives you a simple way to incrementally load your lifts. This means your progression can steadily continue over time.

Getting Into Grip is This Easy

The tools for grip are long-lasting and have a myriad of uses. Whether you’re training for a specific sport or grip IS your sport, we’ve got you covered. You can start a collection of tools and grow it over time as your tastes and strengths develop. Grip is a long game that can be played for the rest of your life. You can start with just the basics and be pleasantly surprised how much you can increase your grip.

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