Resin Tools Vs Steel Tools For Grip Training

Resin Tools vs Steel Tools For Grip Training

Resin tools vs Steel tools. Is there a major difference? Which one should you be training with? What’s at the center of the universe? Thankfully we can answer 2 out of the 3 of these questions.

Grip Training with Steel Tools

Grip Genie’s steel tools are the more traditional take on grip tools and attachments. They are as the name implies, mostly made from steel. The majority of them do best when being lifted from a pin. Certain tools like the RGT and forearm grower benefit greatly from being attached to a cable stack. Tools like the hilt and the ball also do great when performing hangs with them. If you want to compete in grip or you have a specific grip need, then steel tools are the choice for you.

Grip Training with Resin Tools

Resin tools, as the name describes, are grip tools made primarily out of resin. All of our grips hold up to 400lbs of weight easily. They're super long lasting and resistant to minor falls and bumps. A giant d20, a peach, an eggplant, a UFO, a snowman, and a slimeball are all on the roster. They do great on regular pin lifts but also can all be hooked up to a cable stack for rows, pushdowns, and curls. This is the pick if you want a super versatile tool for building grip and you want something a little more FUN.

Are Metal Tools the Best for Grip Training?

The best grip tool is the one you'll actually use, be that steel, resin, or otherwise. Certain tools are better at training certain kinds of grips. Consider what your use case is. You may prefer to have a variety of fun and useful tools. Some people will prefer the feel of metal based tools while others will enjoy the variety of resin tools. Whichever one you choose, we're stoked you're working on your grip.

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