Are Hand Grippers Worth It?

Are Grip Trainers Worth It?

Well, do you want to increase your grip in the convenient and fun way? 

Grip trainers or grippers, are a device that can be used to increase your crushing grip strength. They consist of a spring and two handles. You simply close them with your fingers and hand until the two handles touch. It’s a small, portable, and affordable option for getting into grip. They can be used in a myriad of ways and formats. No matter what your sport or lifting goal is, grippers can fit in nicely. Remember, if you can’t grip it, you can’t lift it.


Grippers Help For All Sports

Rock climbers know the essential role finger strength plays in clinging to tiny holds and working endurance routes. In grappling sports like judo, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and wrestling, an iron grip is similarly paramount. Grippers build the crushing grip strength needed to latch onto an opponent's gi or limbs and not let go. And of course, in weightlifting, it’s incredibly important to crush the bar on those max lifts.

The Gripper Warmup

While fantastic as a stand-alone crush trainer, grippers also excel as an easy warmup to activate the hands before lifting, climbing, or training. Just a few quick sets on a light gripper can get the forearms and hands nicely pumped and primed. The various levels from GG1-GG7 means there’s a perfect warmup gripper for you. 

The Super Portable Gripper

A key advantage of grippers is their unbeatable portability and convenience. Unlike some bulky grip equipment, a small gripper can be taken anywhere - the gym, the office, vacation, climbing crag, tournament, etc. Plus, as a stand alone piece of gear, you don’t need anything else to make it work. Pack it in your gym bag and you’ll always have an easy way to train grip.

At home or during downtime, grippers are perfect for squeezing in frequent short sessions that accumulate huge grip gains over time. While an uninitiated observer may not appreciate the deceptive difficulty, anyone that has tried to close a heavy duty gripper appreciates the power it truly takes.

Grippers Have Multiple Uses

We’ll be the first to tell you, the gripper is not the PERFECT tool for every grip endeavor or sport. While a singular tool may be better for your situation, the gripper can almost universally serve everyone. Try warming up with a light gripper for reps. Try working your way up to a max gripper. Try holding a medium weight gripper for time. This little device can train max crush, grip endurance, and prime your hands for any other lifting endeavor. It really is a swiss army knife.

Grippers Are Absolutely Worth It

So yes, we absolutely think grippers are worth it. If we could suggest one tool to everybody, it would be the gripper. The combination of portability, affordability, and flexibility is tough to beat. You’ll be surprised at the gains you acquire in your hand, wrist, and forearms. So no matter what your sport or lifting goals are, the gripper can unobtrusively fit in. Grab a gripper and get to work.

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