What Does Chalk do for Lifting?

What does chalk do for lifting?

You're pulling a PR on your deadlift and then it happens. As you go to lock out, the bar magically rolls out of your hands. How could this happen? You look at your hands and realize, these things are soaking wet. If only you had packed a little chalk. Or in Juji''s case, A LOT of chalk.

Chalk is the essential gym bag item

The essential gym bag item has got to be chalk. Gym chalk also goes by the scientific name Magnesium Carbonate. Chalk works by helping to soak up sweat and moisture on your hands. This helps to enhance your grip on pretty much every lift. Weather you're going for a PR or trying to squeeze out as many reps as possible, chalk is the answer.

Specifically deadlifts, bench press, pullups, kettlebell work, and grip tools all benefit from using chalk on your hands. But hey, go wild and use chalk on whatever lift you please.

What form of chalk is the best for me?

Grip Genie Chalk comes in a number of forms. Most commonly it comes as a powder or a liquid. Powder chalk consists of block chalk, chalk nuggets, and chalk balls. The block chalk and nuggets break down into a fine powder with the nuggets starting off a fair bit smaller. Liquid chalk comes in a convenient bottle and dries almost instantly into a fine powder after application to the hands.

What chalk is right for you though? This depends on the type of gym you're at. If you have a home gym, pick any chalk you like. Your hardcore lifting gym is also probably fine with whatever form you prefer (just don't make a huge mess). Less pervasive gyms may only let you use chalk balls. And if your gym doesn't allow chalk, liquid chalk is perfect to squeeze on your hands stealthily. Also, you should find a new gym that allows chalk.

Chalk up for better lifts

Chalk is one of those things that every gym should have. Strongman, powerlifting, bodybuilders, cross athletes, and sports training of all kinds embrace chalk for its powers. You can simply lift MORE with chalk. Grip Genie has 6 different versions of chalk that can suit your needs. Whatever you choose, chalk up and start getting those extra gains.

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