What Are Resin Grips and Why Should I Use Them?

What are Resin Grips?

Resin! It’s great stuff and just so happens to be the perfect material for a grip tool. Resin grips are grip tools, made from resin. They are super tough and super versatile. Grip tools help you increase your grip and your overall strength. Our resin grip tools help you increase that grip in a fun and different kind of way. Plus, they look rad as hell being lifted or up on your grip wall.

Steel grip tools vs resin grip tools

You can of course use more traditional tools like a block or a hub. These steel tools are great for building grip. Resin tools are simply another form of tool. The versatility of resin grips are where they really shine. Tools like the d20 replicate the pinch strength of a hub, but also gives you the option to grip different edges and angles. This can make the lift much easier or much harder.

All of the resin tools can be attached via carabiner to a loading pin, soft loading pin, a pullup bar, or a cable stack. Classic bodybuilding moves work great such as tricep pushdowns, face pulls, single arm curls, rows, and dead hangs. They can be even hooked up to a sled for some challenging pulls. Arm wrestler and rock climbers can benefit greatly from lifting the odd shapes like the snowman or dragon egg grips.

The Advantage of Resin Grip Tools

Changing your grip on the tool can radically change the muscles targeted. For the eggplant pin lift, a base grip might emphasize whole hand strength while pinching the tip focuses more on finger strength. On the d20 tool, going from overhanded to underhand grip while rowing shifts to using WAY more lat muscle. 

The added beauty of the resin grips is they're all a little different. Traditional training methods like conjugate emphasize that you can make new gains by using a novel stimulus. Doesn't get much more novel than a peach, an eggplant, or even a freakin UFO.

There simply isn’t anything else like our resin grip tools. Each of them have a slightly different textured finish. The texture challenges your grip in a totally different way versus common steel and wood tools. The odd shapes will definitely shake up your training if you’re looking for something a little different.

Resin Tools are your New Ticket to Grip

Lifting with resin tools may look a little silly, but there's simply no other grip tool that can replicate the hand feel or wide range of uses. Your grip strength and overall power will go through the roof once you start training with these odd objects. It's half the reason we even made them. Grab a resin tool and get some grip gains the fun way.

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