How Much Grip Training Can I do?

How Much Grip Training Can I do?

A super common question we get is "how much grip training can I do?" The short answer is 2-4 times a week. The longer answer is you can train grip as much as you train anything else. It depends on intensity and frequency. You’ll find the optimal frequency over time but here’s some pointers.

The vast majority of people, in our experience, can train grip about twice a week. This level of training generally won’t hinder your regular lifting recovery. Lower intensity high rep workouts are even good for recovery. These sessions can be shorter, add-on style grip sets or dedicated sessions can done on off days.

How Often Can I Train With a Grip Tool?

The choice of grip tool can have a large effect here. Two hard gripper sessions a week may be tough, but likely won't interfere with regular lifting. Two full on max-out sessions with a block, a hub, and an RGT could be too much. Especially for those new to grip. The best approach is start slow and with limited volume. Then start increasing that volume over time.

Let’s use the example of grippers first. A beginner might warm up and start with 3-4 working sets on their highest closable gripper. After a month or two, you could easily increase that to 6-7 sets. After another month you could start adding negatives after your working sets. We generally find that more than 2 hard sessions of grippers per week has diminishing returns. You certainly could add a 3rd gripper workout though for higher reps on your lowest gripper. This is a great workout for grip recovery.

The case with steel and resin tools is a little more nuanced. Generally, the heavier you load the tool, the harder it can be to recover from. You could tolerate twice a week maxing the block and hub with relatively few problems. Twice a week maxing the RGT, and the block, and the hub, and a resin tool would be pretty extreme. The rule of thumb is to pick up to 2 grip tools per session and focus on those. Your second session of the week COULD use the same tools but for less weight and more reps.

Training Your Grip Too Often Can Be a Problem

The boring answer is you can train grip as much as your body can handle, but that doesn’t mean you should go all in. Grip is different in that it can take quite a while to fully recover at first. The most common thing we see is people training with grippers and grip tools TOO often. We’re stoked that you’re stoked but go slow in increasing the volume. The gains will still be there, don't worry! Slowly increase your reps and sessions and you’ll be surprised how much can handle in no time flat. 

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