Genie Grippers 101

Grip Genie Grippers 101

Here's your rundown on all the basics of Grip Genie Grippers. Grippers are a lifting tool used to increase hand and finger strength. They are constructed of two metal handles joined by a metal spring. This spring varies in strength depending on the level of gripper. The objective of hand grippers is to close them all the way until the handles touch each other. That’s a good rep.

What do the numbers on the grippers mean though? Our Grippers are numbered GG1 - 6. GG1 being the easiest and GG6 being the hardest. GG1 is Silver. GG2 is Green. GG3 is Blue. GG4 is Black. GG5 is Red. GG6 is Gold. GG7 is grey. They start at 100lb of closing force and goes up 50lb each level. The color coding makes it simple to identify the grippers at a glance or when they’re hanging from your grip wall.

Hand grippers are a great way to build overall crushing strength. This type of strength is great for holding on to objects, something that just about every type of athlete needs. Plus, you’ll have one heck of a handshake. The lightweight but durable design means they travel easy and hold up to use.

How Much Force is Needed to Close Grip Genie Grippers? 

  • Genie Gripper Level 1 |   100lbs Strength | 45 kg
  • Genie Gripper Level 2 |   150lbs Strength | 68kg
  • Genie Gripper Level 3 |   200lbs Strength | 91kg
  • Genie Gripper Level 4 |   250lbs Strength | 114kg
  • Genie Gripper Level 5 |   300lbs Strength | 136kg
  • Genie Gripper Level 6 |   350lbs Strength | 159kg
  • Genie Gripper Level 7 |   400lbs Strength | 182kg

What Gripper Set Should I Get?

What Genie Gripper set should I get? It depends on your overall experience. For someone new to grip, the Easy Set is the pick. This contains the GG1-3. The GG3 is a tough challenge for even experienced gym goers so don’t be fooled. The Medium Set is great for those with experience using grippers or unusually large hands. This contains the GG2-4. The Expert Set is for those experienced in grippers. It contains the GG4-6. These grippers are a real challenge!

For reference, approximately 18 people have ever been able to close the GG6. Juji can close a GG5 on a good day. The GG4 is still a fair challenge for him. A moderately experienced gripster can close a GG3. Those new to grip, but experienced at the gym can close a GG2. The GG1 can readily be closed by most gym-goers. Don’t fret if you can’t close them yet. It takes time to learn grippers.

Gripper Training and Beyond

Training wise it’s best to stick with 2 hard sessions per week. Over-training with grippers is the largest problem we see with newcomers. Check out our free beginner program if you need a little guidance on programming. Grab a pair and get to gripping.

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