How to Grow Bigger Forearms with a Wrist Roller

Hack Your Forearm Development with Wrist Roller Training

If you're looking to build forearms that look like they were chiseled from granite, you need to start rolling with the most criminally underrated arm weapon - the forearm roller. This deceptively simple tool is a shortcut to juji-sized lower arms when properly unleashed. Stop endlessly doing wrist curls and supercharge that muscular growth.

The beauty of the wrist roller is that it hits every part of your forearm musculature from multiple angles - the brachioradialis for that swole horseshoe shape, the wrist flexors for vascular extension, the pronators and supinators for that road-worker forearm thickness. It’s a full assault on the muscles of the forearm.

How to Setup the Wrist Roller

First, anchor one end of the roller's strap to the low cable on a cable stack. Make sure it's fully unwound so you have maximum cable length to work with. Next, grab the roller handle itself with an overhand grip, shoulders retracted back and have a slight knee bend.

How to Use the Wrist Roller

From this position, the key is to keep your Upper arm perpendicular and locked in place at your side. Try to use just your wrist/forearm rotating the roller.  Rotate the roller towards your body (like a motorcycle throttle). Keep rolling until the strap is all the way rolled up. Once it’s all the way rolled up, squuuueze for a 3 second hold. Then slowly unwind the forearm grower until the strap is all the way unwound again. Now that’s one rep.

You DON’T need a lot of weight for this. You’ll be shocked how far 30-40lbs goes here. With the extended time under tension, the pump will be insane. Shoot for 3 sets of 3-5 reps. As you gain experience you can take it all the way up to 8 reps. Feel free to up the weight as you go, but again, it doesn’t take much.

Freaky Forearms Freaky Fast 

You’re all set to develop some freaking huge forearms now. The forearm grower may look like a simple device but it delivers world class results. And while your forearms will blow up in size, don’t be surprised if your grip endurance goes up as well. It takes some mighty mitts to hang on to the roller. Grab a forearm grower and get rolling for some freaky forearms freaky fast.

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